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 Scout Harper

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Scout Harper
Dead Tribute
Dead Tribute

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PostSubject: Scout Harper   Mon May 19, 2014 11:13 pm




The smell of spring was fresh in the air as the wind carried the aroma of tulips and daisies. Giggles filled the air as two children scampered around the swing set in their backyard. The parents of the children stood off to the side, holding each other and smiling as they proudly observed their kid’s play. The man was clad in a Peacekeeper outfit, the woman in a vibrant sundress and heels. “Higher, higher, Axel!” little Scout squealed as her older brother pushed her on the swing. It was the earliest memory she had, four-years-old and not a care in the world. Her family was happy, and she was oblivious to the crazy world out there. Oblivious to the peril and poverty of the other districts, oblivious to the gore and bloodshed which came each year during the Games, and oblivious to her own dark future which awaited her.

As a little girl, Scout was full of spirit. She ran around town causing trouble and making everyone shake their head in disapproval. Since her father was one of the Peacekeepers, she believed she could get away with anything she wanted. Her brother was her confidant and partner in crime and together they played pranks on all the neighbor kids. She looked up to her older brother and showed him nothing but the highest respect. When he entered the Academy to start training for the Games she became rather jealous. Of course she was too young to start, but it did not stop her from asking her brother to teach her some moves whenever he came back from training once she was finished with her schooling.

When she finally reached the earliest age to start her training, she jumped at the chance. She was excited to start and hoped she would be able to work with her brother. The Academy turned out to be not as fun as she thought it would be. The trainers did not coddle her like her parents had. They were mean, and they meant business. Scout put countless hours into her training and after a few years she became so invested in it she forgot the fun little girl she used to be. The teachers were very clear on what they expected from their students. They were to compartmentalize their emotions, to focus on their physical skills and suppress any other emotions. She took this very seriously and soon she started losing friends left and right. All she cared about was pushing herself harder and harder, wanting to prove she was good enough. She proved lethal with a dagger and isn’t afraid to deal with hand-to-hand combat. Her teachers commended her for her vigilance, using her as an example for the others. Scout was a heartless killing machine, just what they wanted from their Careers.

She was twelve years old, standing among the other girls as they patiently waited for this year’s tributes to be reaped for the 20th Hunger Games. The girl tribute already stood in front, looking proud of herself as she stared out into the crowd. Just as the District’s escort was about to pluck the name of the male tribute, there came a booming voice from the boy’s side. “I volunteer!” Scout knew the voice all too well and did not even have to turn her head to see it was her brother Axel who now bounded up onto the stage. He was only sixteen-year-old but had muscle and strength far surpassing his age. She did not even flinch as she watched him take his spot beside the other female Career.

Saying farewell to her brother wasn’t terribly difficult. She knew he was skilled and the entire town placed bets on him coming home as the victor. Scout threw her arms around him and wished him luck before he was shuttled off to the Capitol. Her family watched the Games closely, glued to the television as they cheered on Axel. He killed five tributes in the Bloodbath, showing great promise. It was the third day into the Games when the unexpected happened. Her brother had broken away from the rest of the Careers, determined to do things his own way when he was ambushed by a boy from District 11. There was a long fight which ended with her brother receiving multiple blows to the head. Her family watched in shock and Scout just sat there straight-faced as her mother bawled and her father threw his dinner plate against the wall before leaving to find some alcohol.

After her brother’s loss, the Harper family name was tainted with a bad reputation. Not only had her brother lost but he had been killed by someone from a lesser district. Her father was the laughing stock of the Peacekeepers, and everywhere Scout went she heard hushed murmurs directed toward her, no doubt about her brother.

With little room to grieve for her brother, she only increased her training to keep herself from thinking too much. Scout has always been a determined young woman. When she isn't working out she can be found with her nose in a book, studying the best way to kill someone with her bare hands or make suffering as long as possible. With her brother gone and her family shamed, she needed to prove herself. Scout has an extreme dislike for weakness and gravitates toward people who are more like herself: strong and cocky. She tends to keep to herself and listen in on other people's conversations, mainly because she is pretty adept and sneaking around. People tend to underestimate her because of her height or the fact she is a girl, but she is rather lethal and isn't afraid to utilized the deadly training she has received.

When she was 17 it became time for the 25th Hunger Games. She stood patiently, having her mind made up no matter who was reaped, she would volunteer. Scout hadn’t told her parents or even her closest and only friend. When it came time and a small 12-year-old girl was chosen, she took a confident step forward. “I volunteer as tribute!” Head turned toward her, and she heard the choked sob of her mother who was frightened of losing another child, her last one left, to the Games. Her father stood there, speechless but proud as Scout bounded up the steps. She would win this for her family’s name, for her brother Axel, and for herself.


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The Hunger Games

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PostSubject: Re: Scout Harper   Mon May 19, 2014 11:19 pm

this file has been reviewed and accepted. this T r i b u t e  has been added to the list.
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Scout Harper

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