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 Chelsea Katz

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Chelsea Katz
Chelsea Katz
District One
District One

Alias : Lizzy
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PostSubject: Chelsea Katz   Wed May 21, 2014 10:25 pm

Chelsea Nicole Katz
District One , 18 , Career , Ariana Grande , Lizzy

From a distance, Chelsea appears to be like any other District One girl. Once you get closer, however, you can practically see her eyes light up with insanity. A mischievous smile is almost always tugging on at the edge of her lips to light up her face and her laugh is usually not far behind. She has large, doe-like eyes that are a sparkling chocolate brown. These large eyes clearly display her emotions and are constantly dancing with her strange personality. She is naturally a brunette, but dyes her hair a bright shade of pink. Her pink hair is almost always down in straight locks and cascade to just past her shoulders, but she will occasionally tie her hair up with a ribbon or experiment with a new type of braid she has invented.

Chelsea has fair skin that is very smooth and soft because unlike others her age in the lower districts, Chelsea’s only job is to go to school and stay out of mischief. She reaches a height of five feet and two inches, but her constant hopping around adds another inch occasionally. Chelsea nose is a bit too small for her taste, and her close friends often compare her to a rabbit: large eyes, constantly bouncing, and a small nose. Her ears are also slightly larger than average, but they are normally hidden behind her bright hair.

She has a birthmark on her right wrist, but unlike most girls in her District, Chelsea is not ashamed of the blemish. To her, it is yet another way she is unique and one of a kind. Chelsea loves to wear sundresses and only wears long pants in the winter or during training. She also loves sparkly jewelry and is always modeling a new bracelet, burette, ring, or necklace.

Chelsea in one word: insane. She does not have any mental problems, although she has been checked multiple times, she simply sees the world in her own way. What may look like a spoon to the average person is a sword or royal scepter to her. She is very observant and few people realize that despite her odd behavior, Chelsea is very much in tune with what happens around her. She can easily name nearly everyone in her District and she even knows a bit about them as well.

Chelsea is hard to hate as she never chooses a particular side or view point. She would much prefer dancing between the two sides, questioning, appeasing, and even egging on the opponents. One can never tell what she is going to do. One day she may be climbing trees and jumping over roofs like a wild animal and the next she may be in the training center of District One, pinning her opponent within minutes. The only thing predictable about her is her positive attitude and quirky nature.

Chelsea is easily distracted and this is often her downfall. She spaces out during a serious conversation and does not enjoy listening to orders. Chelsea prefers to do things her way and hates when people tell her otherwise. She does not do well in school, but despite what some may believe, it is not because she is unintelligent. Chelsea simply cannot sit still and concentrate for the entire school day. When she hears a fact or snippet about a topic she is interested in, however, she can remember it easily and she can recite many facts about odd topics.

Chelsea loves to talk to other people. She can go up to a complete stranger and carry on an entire conversation, even if it is only one sided. She can also carry on a conversation with animals and occasionally she can be heard yelling at inanimate objects that simply "won't cooperate." Chelsea may seem distant and naive, but she is fascinated by the Hunger Games. She watches the Games intently and often predicts who will win. Many times she is correct but when she is wrong, her choice is almost always the last to die.

She is a fast runner and has surprisingly good aim with a bow and arrows. Chelsea is not completely focused on training, however, and does not practice as much as some of the other Careers. She does not have a particular interest in volunteering for the games and is perfectly happy simply watching and training while still being able to disappear and pop up in random places.

Chelsea also loves to play with one's mind. She purposefully uses vague statements and mischievous looks to confuse and irritate others who have managed to get onto her bad side. She also jokes with her friends, but they eventually become accustomed to her strange ways. She is very quite and can easily sneak up on others and scare them, even the most trained Career. Chelsea especially enjoys appearing and then disappearing, leaving the person confused and flustered.

She is not particularly interested in boys and normally befriends them rather than flirts with them. Chelsea makes her feelings known, however, when she realizes them herself. She finds love fascinating and occasionally will stop and watch a young couple pass.

Although she is crazy and far different than any other District One citizen, Chelsea manages to squeeze her way into the hearts of many, even if she worries them and occasionally scares them. Chelsea loves her friends and family and will do anything for them. Without company, she becomes even more insane and will desperately seek companionship, even if it is merely a passing butterfly.

Chelsea was born to Steel and Shine Katz. As an only child, she was the center of their attention. Because of this, they constantly took her to different doctors in an attempt to figure out what was wrong with their precious daughter. Doctor after doctor informed the couple that there was in fact no brain damage to their child and she did not have any sort of disability. She was simply odd.

As Chelsea grew up, her parents became more and more distressed and embarrassed by their daughter. Her father wanted a Hunger Games victor and her mother wanted a replica of herself. Neither parent got what they hoped for as Chelsea grew up to be her own unique kind. By the time she was twelve, both her parents gave up on "improving" their daughter, simply spending time outside of the house and away from their disappointment of a child as much as possible.

The more her parents rejected her strange nature, the more Chelsea strived to be out of the box. She dyed her hair pink and began opening up to others more frequently until nearly all the District knew who Chelsea Katz was. Chelsea used strangers, friends, animals, and inanimate objects to fill the void in her heart where her parents should have been. Whenever her parents stopped by the house to pick up one thing or another or to simply make sure their daughter had not burnt it all down, Chelsea would try her best to gain their attention, but to no avail.

Now, Chelsea simply ignores her parents just like they ignore her. With a constantly warm house, food on the table, and money for whatever she desires, she is still not completely satisfied when she must come home to an empty house. Chelsea does not stay at home for long and occasionally spends an entire night in a tree watching the stars or at a fountain, watching the bubbling water.

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Tony's Superman
Tony's Superman

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PostSubject: Re: Chelsea Katz   Wed May 21, 2014 10:30 pm

I read fast, Smile I love how she's not like OBSESSED with the Games? Like other people from her District. I love this character because it's very original! Also, as I told you Ariana Grande as a face makes it even better!


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Chelsea Katz

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