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 Alevynn Weyr: A Revival

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Alevynn Weyr

Alevynn Weyr: A Revival  Empty
PostSubject: Alevynn Weyr: A Revival    Alevynn Weyr: A Revival  EmptyThu May 22, 2014 4:53 pm

Alevynn Weyr: A Revival  Adimage
Index . Dragons . Applications/Currently Accepting . History
Runath and Moristh's transfer clutches have Hatched, with 3 more 'sport' dragons Impessing. Word is spreading across Pern, and with Alevynn set to host a Gather, things are bound to get interesting.

Current and Upcoming Events
✖️ The transfer clutches have hatched, and though Moristh's dying clutch was mostly duds, a small but healthy Gold Impressed Kaia, the Master Wherhandler's daughter. A gigantic purple hued dragonet has Impressed to Nessaria of Alevynn Hold, and seems to have the ability to fight back against a gold's command. Two "grey" dragonets have also Impressed to Alevynn candidates. Clearly Vilizith is not the only dragon producing these colors, but what of the rest of Pern?
✖️ Black Rock's Weyrwoman has been sent back to her weyr following an outburst towards the end of the Hatching over the strange dragonets coming from Runath's own eggs. She believes Alevynn's sands are cursed and called for the culling of Purple Tsundath. Tensions are running higher than ever between the two weyrs, with residents on both sides of the fence.
✖️ A Gather approaches. Foreign riders welcome, see below for details!
✖️ Whers are coming to Alevynn during the Gather! After many Turns without more than just the watch-wher, The Master Wherhandler is bringing a clutch with its gold so that wanting candidates may try to attain an egg from her. Transfer Wherhandlers will also be accepted at this time!
✖️ THREADFALL in the near future.
✖️ Frequent flights

A brief OOC summation of Alevynn Weyr;
Alevynn is set in an alternate timeline, semi-canon 11th pass. AIVAS was destroyed long ago and Thread falls as constant as ever, though some innovations learned from AIVAS have improved many aspects of Pern life and culture.

Alevynn Weyr has been around since 2009, but fell in an out of activity for about 2 or so years with limited success due to major life events. We're now back in action with many active members and invite you to become part of our community.

We are looking to take characters into key positions (Weyrleader, Bronzeriders, Wingleaders, Wingseconds, Headwoman, Wherhandlers etc) as well as every day riders, weyrfolk, and crafters, including candidates for upcoming clutches. Your wish is our command (almost) and we are doing our best to accommodate all requests/plans you may have for your characters. We plan to have several clutching dragons in the hands of members, as well as other opportunities for people to run hatching of all sorts!

Bring us your crazies! In the past, Alevynn was a haven for all sorts of misfit characters and outcasts alike, as well as the "normal" folk who opposed their existence. Have an odd character? Chances are we'll take them under our wing! Pern is undergoing a time of turmoil. Blues and Browns are Impressing girls and new colors are arising in the South, ad as such our Pern is easily changed by the members who play in it!

Bring us your plots! We adore member plots, large and small. From character deaths to mass-scale uprisings, we want them all! The more things that you all come up with the more active and better the site becomes. It fleshes out our history and provides everyone a great chance to develop their characters and their relationships to those around them. So please, do bring us your plots! Hollywood and Itoshii are awesome, but we can only do so much Smile

At Alevynn, a few things are very important to us.
Kings, Queens, and ranking character positions are not jealously guarded. Most active members will find it possible to attain one or two of these dragons/positions with consistent activity.
Staying true to Pern. Aside from our Sport colors, we like to think of ourselves as mostly canon and follow basic guidelines for a Weyr during a pass, though we do not focus on sexuality based Impressions. This is the beginning of a time of turmoil on Pern, where standards are being broken and traditions challenged!
Plots outside of Hatchings. Hatchings are central to the weyr of course, but we have plenty of fun in between them. That said, hatchings on Alevynn are more frequent, although more impressions will be NPC.

In Character Summary

Alevynn Weyr, located in the lush, warm land of the Southern Continent, was founded in the 9th Interval to relieve the burden of overcrowded Weyrs. Alevynn is one of those Weyrs where, during the past two Intervals, dragons and their riders have come to retire in a life of luxury in the warm tropical climate. Almost lost during the 10th pass, only the wise former Weyrleaders heeded the tale of the Red Star even as other Weyrs prepared themselves and Alevynn did nothing under the lax but arrogant leadership of Weyrwoman Pethra and her Weyrleader.

The rest of the pass came and went uneventfully For Alevynn, which only kept one Queen at a time during Intervals so as to keep the Weyr from becoming too crowded, until late into the 2470's. Gold Ociath was beginning to dwindle in clutch sizes, showing her increasing age, yet had not produced a viable gold in several clutches. She hatched a tiny, pale gold in 2465 who only reached the size of a brown and was sterilized after the Holds made demands that she not be allowed to pass on her genes. Sadly, not long after reaching maturity, Iridith and her rider were lost during flight formation practice after colliding with a flaming Bronze.

Following the tiny gold came the loss of three golds, all hardly able to even stand. In 2483 came the Weyrs final hope of a home-born Queen to carry them on. The gold egg hatched a amazingly healthy baby, Vilizith, who Impressed to Adina. Immediately following her maiden flight-clutch the pair were given the status of Weyrwoman. Over the next 10 years relationships with the two smaller holds and the two Halls were smoothed, even as relationships with the rich Alevynn Weyr became more strained.

Again Alevynn future was threatened as, after 5 clutches, Vilizith still had not produced a gold egg. After the previous predicament with Ociath and Threadfall fast approaching the Weyr wanted a second Gold to bolster their ranks. With a second Queen waiting for transfer Vilizith next clutch was awaited patiently. Finally a Gold egg was lain on the Sands of Alevynn and the Weyr rejoiced. But would it hatch?

Fate again was with the Weyr, though for better or worse is yet to be seen. Not only did the gold egg hatch and Impress a healthy gold dragonet, but another "tiny gold"- who has declared itself as yellow- as well as a hot-headed red dragonet hatched alongside her. Both Impressed to peculiar candidates and rumors about them have begun to spread like wildfire across Pern, with most regarding it as a fluke of a narrow bloodline. With hardly time to breath neighboring Black Rock weyr approached Adina and Ci'ro with a hefty request: with two egg-heavy queens and a massive storm on the horizon the coastal Weyr feared it's own Sands were not safe for the Queens to use and wished to use Alevynn's. Their request was granted after negotiations regarding the weyrlings were agreed upon. After what seemed like an eternity, due to strained relations and close quarters, the clutches hatched. Tensions spiraled out of control when Black Rock's own Weyrwoman's Gold hatched two "mutant" colors, as well as one from the second queen's clutch. Calling for the culling of one of the hatchlings, Neana was dismissed back to her own Weyr directly following agreements on the single bronze hatching, as well as the new colors.

Life at Alevynn has returned to some semblance of normal as the Weyr prepares for a huge Gather. Weyrs across Pern are invited, and the two-day event will also host Dragon Games, and olympic-style event where riders and dragons compete for recognition as the best in their class.

Come One, Come All! Alevynn Welcome you to their First Annual "Games Gather"!
June 8th-June 14th
*Dates may be extended dependent on event participation

What is a "Games Gather" you ask? It's just that, a Gather that also encompasses the event known as the "Dragon Games". The Gather is two days long, as opposed to one, with games and festivities taking place over both days. Events include those for dragons, riders, and dragonrider pairs, as well as team challenges. Weyrfolk are also welcome to participate in tests of speed, strength, and runner-riding abilities. prizes and tasty treats are not in short supply.

How will this work? Visitors from other Weyrs (sites), regardless of timeline or mutation colors are welcome! During the Gather, we will be acting as if these foreign colors are nothing strange, though if any visitors are mentioned during normal RP occurrences they will be referred to as if they were one of the original 5 colors so as to follow with our own timeline. Guests will be allowed access and posting privileges in the gather-specific areas.

What sort of fun is there to be had? Tons! Interactions with characters your characters don't have any affiliation with, events with prizes, things to buy, music to be sang, and dances to be done! Have your character set up a stall to sell things, maybe wander around and buy things, cause a little mischief, whatever your heart desires! Alevynn will also be hosting tryout for any (original 5 colors only, sorry folks. However you can try out with sport colors though they must be changed to a non-sport upon transfer unless otherwise specified) candidates interested in filling one of our vacant/npc positions.

Prizes? But what if I'm not a member of Alevynn? Unfortunately we can't promise you a prize to take home, but if you chose to stay with us a create a character (or even transfer your visitor), you are more than welcome to keep any prizes you win! Anything from items to firelizards can be attained at the Gather.

Any questions can be directed to us either in our Cbox or in our questions section of the forums and we will do our best to respond quickly! Hope to see you there!
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Alevynn Weyr: A Revival  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alevynn Weyr: A Revival    Alevynn Weyr: A Revival  EmptyThu May 22, 2014 7:53 pm

thanks for following the rules ,

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Alevynn Weyr: A Revival

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