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 The 25th Annual Hunger Games: Quarter Quell

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Gorran Vilumovsson

Alias : Tony
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PostSubject: The 25th Annual Hunger Games: Quarter Quell   Fri May 23, 2014 4:46 pm




Rag & Bone's first Hunger Games is a Quarter Quell. This quell adds a twist to that year's Games, allowing the Capitol to redefine it's power over the Districts of Panem. These Quells happen every 25 years, and in character this is the First Quarter Quell. Note that characters do not know about Quell's yet, so when roleplaying, don't say they were waiting on it, it is a surprise from the Capitol. To the members playing Tributes, if you have questions, just PM Tony or The Hunger Games Account. The account of Gorran Vilumovsson is a NPC account, and only posts on special occasions, such as the Hunger Games, for Gorran is the Head Gamemaker.

Gorran Vilumovsson, Head Gamemaker walks out of the Justice Building doors, after they have been opened by Peacekeepers, to the microphone in the middle of the stage in the District. His face shows sympathy, known as the "Sympathetic Gamemaker", Vilumovsson most likely isn't liking this announcement he is about to make, but he has to follow the orders of the President.
"Attention all residents of District Nine. I, Gorran Vilumovsson am here on a special mission. A mission of Panem. To reaffirm that you, the District residents, have no power over the Capitol. Lately, we've noticed a rebellious outbreak in some Districts. And as a reminder, the Capitol has a special event for you to take part in. Every twenty-five years, the Capitol will host a Quarter Quell Hunger Games. Through these Games the Capitol will re-establish it's ever-growing control over you, the District residents. Each of these Games will have a Quell, a special trademark that will add suspense to that Games. Reapings will go on as normal, unless there is a Quell that changes them somehow. This year, for the 25th Hunger Games, there will be two official Games of the year 25 ADD. One designated as Part A, and the other designated as Part B. For Part A, Tributes will not be able to get gifts from sponsors unless they kill another Tribute, as a reminder that no one is safe. Thank you for your generosity." Gorran exits into the Justice Building, as District residents ramble and react to the speech he just gave.

All residents, including Victors and Peacekeepers are allowed to respond to this thread. Future Tributes as well. However remember that Tributes have not been Reaped in character, so they are only reacting to the Quell, not that they have been reaped, for they don't know that they have been Reaped yet. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

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Cora Youngs
Dead Tribute
Dead Tribute

Alias : Lizzy
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PostSubject: Re: The 25th Annual Hunger Games: Quarter Quell   Sat May 24, 2014 12:10 pm

Cora pressed herself deeper into her twin brother's side. Bentley sent her a reassuring smile, but she barely glanced at him before her wide eyes returned to the mass of Peacekeepers that had just arrived to escort the Head Gamemaker. While most of the people around her whispered nervously about what the gathering could possibly mean, Cora was far more fearful of the intimidating, white-clad men that marched down each street.

The twins finally arrived with the rest of the citizens of District Nine in the humble town square. Cora knew she probably looked pathetic, leaning into her brother Bentley's side with her eyes flashing around like a frightened baby animal. Her fears, however, were much stronger than her embarrassment and after all of her efforts to blend in and remain unnoticed, she doubted many people would single her out. Cora did not realize how distracted she was until the sound of the Head Gamemaker's voice startled her so much that she jumped slightly, earning a chuckle from an otherwise tense Bentley.

Cora had foolishly hoped that the Gamemaker's announcement would put her at ease. With each word he spoke, however, not only was that hope crushed but a sense of dread and foreboding rain through Cora's veins like ice. Although Cora knew that she would have a difficult time gaining sponsors if she was ever reaped, the new rules would make it nearly impossible. She was a dancer, not a killer! It was not until Bentley's hand began rubbing soothing circles on her back that Cora noticed that silent tears had begun to slide down her face. Clearing her throat, Cora quickly wiped away the tears, watched the Head Gamemaker return to the shuttle that would transport him to the next unfortunate district, and pulled her brother through the crowd back home where she could let her emotions out without fear of bringing unwanted attention to herself
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The 25th Annual Hunger Games: Quarter Quell

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