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 Becker, Lukas Ethan

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Lukas Becker
Lukas Becker
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Dead Tribute

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PostSubject: Becker, Lukas Ethan   Becker, Lukas Ethan EmptyThu Jun 05, 2014 7:51 pm


Name: Lukas Ethan Becker
Age & Birth Date: 16 & July 15th
District: Five
Occupation: Student and Electrician in training


Hair Color & Style: Brown, usually kept long and swept to the side
Eye Color: Blue
Body Build: Slender and agile
General Appearance: Luke stands at 5'8" and weighs 140 pounds. He tends to dress casually since he works with his father, and he prefers to keep his clothes simple. His only dressy clothing are reaping clothes, and even those don't go further than a simple button up and nice trousers. He hates wearing shoes but wears them when he's working. Luke still has a bit of baby fat, mostly around his abdomen, and it makes him feel self-conscious so he covers up most of the time as much as possible.


Likes: taking things apart and putting them back together, hanging out with friends and taking care of his sisters.
Dislikes: The Hunger Games, the Capitol, fighting
Personality: Luke is a dependable, sweet kid with a sarcastic sense of humor, a stubborn streak and a smart mouth. That's what most people say about him when asked to describe him, but it's a very brief summary of who he really is. Luke has a tendency to put his foot into his mouth, but he's generally a pretty nice guy. He has a protective side, and is more of a nurturer than a fighter. He tries to be there for people he cares for and hates seeing them unhappy or crying. He's gotten himself into trouble with peacekeepers more than once for mouthing off to them or getting out of line with them. Lukas learned early on how to take care of Beth and Alyssa since his father was always working and didn't always want three kids around, so Luke started taking care of the girls and keeping them out of the way.


Joseph Becker, 39, electrician
Amelia Becker, 32, deceased
Elizabeth Becker, 13, student
Alyssa Becker, 9, student
General History: Lukas was born in District Five as the oldest of three children, along with his two little sisters, Elizabeth and Alyssa. His father was an electrician and his mother stayed home and took care of the kids. From the beginning, Lukas was allowed to help his father at work, eventually becoming his assistant. He was a good student, but got himself in trouble at times for mouthing off to teachers or getting into small fights at school. Not because he was a trouble maker, but he was usually trying to defend a friend or someone who was being picked on. Most of the time though, he was most comfortable working with his father or helping his mother with the girls.

Luke's mother fell ill when he was 13, and was unable to work, so the rest of the family pitched in. Lukas taught his sisters to use a computer and taught them how to disassemble things and put them back together. With four people working, they were able to make a decent enough living. Lukas' mother unfortunately became too ill for the healers to help and she passed away when he was 14, which devastated the family. They eventually bounced back but Luke's father had pushed them away while he was mourning his wife and they remained rather distant, and when Joseph resorted to drinking, Luke started taking his sisters out of the house so they weren't exposed to it. Joseph wasn't abusive, but he just wasn't quite there for his family, too grief-stricken to do anything but sit around. Luke eventually got sick of seeing his father not doing what he needed to and stood up to him, taking his liquor and dumping it, saying he'd get peacekeepers to take him and his sisters away if his father didn't straighten out. It took a long time but they eventually talked everything out, since Joseph didn't want his children taken away.

Luke is now quite skilled thanks to his father teaching him how to build and take electronics apart, and as he's smaller than most boys is extremely agile. With the help of a friend's father, he started learning to fight hand to hand (though not often enough to tip any peace keepers off to what he was doing) as his tesserae count climbed. He refused to let Beth take any tesserae, not wanting her to get her name in the bowl more than it was. He and his father aren't as strained as they used to be, since Joseph quit drinking and started working regularly again. They're not close, but Joseph is trying to be a better father to his children than he has been.
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Becker, Lukas Ethan

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