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 Paris Blaze

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Paris Blaze
Paris Blaze
District One
District One

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PostSubject: Paris Blaze   Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:29 am


Hi. I'm Paris. Named after a dude from Greek mythology--I forgot which one, but I remember he stole this chick named Helen from a guy with a super long name. I'm 19 years old, and I won the Twenty-Second Hunger Games when I was 16. Can I just say trying to fight for survival in some shitty arena-- SUCKS, okay? Let's se... My mom and dad own a jewelry shop, and it has many buyers. I'm an only child (oh, thank God), so there isn't much dispute in my home--and yes, it's my home, because without me, my bitchy parents wouldn't have even seen the door of that house. Okay, um, so I hate to be the guy to talk about my Games, but I think it's kinda required, so here goes...

I didn't spend much time in the Training Center, because I thought my district's cruddy Fighting Academy was enough. And I hated preparing for something that I thought I was going to die in. I also didn't spend time making alliances because there wasn't much point to that either; only one of us would win. The only ally I bothered making was my district partner, Apolla. But I only did that because our mention said we'd never survive alone, and it's not like I wanted to die. Plus she was a good strategist, so I didn't have much if a choice; my conscience would KILL me if I didn't ally with her.

So, when we rose on our pedestals on the first day of the Games, my attention went directly towards her. She gestured towards the Cornucopia, and I almost immediately shook my head, and nodded to the frozen lake behind us. It wasn't the best place to be in while stuck in this arena, so I knew we'd be the only ones there. And we were. When the gong sounded, Apolla and I both sprinted to the frozen lake while everyone else ran to the Corn. We just at there for hours in end, waiting until the fighting and Bloodbath stopped. When the cannons began sounding, we ran for the Corn and hid inside, loading up on weapons and packs, counted the cannons (there were 13 BOOMs), and just talked. Apolla stayed up and watched The Anthem while I fell asleep, and the next morning she told me the D2s, 3s, Male from 4, 5s, Female from 7, the Make from 10 and us were still in it. That day, we simply relaxed. Four cannons went off after I dozed off, Apolla told me. We later found out those tributes were the D5 girl, the D3 boy, the D4 male, and the D10 guy from the Anthem.

On the third day, we were attacked by the Careers (The D2s and the Boy from 5 and the girl from 3), leaving Apolla with a broken leg and me with a gash in my left arm. But we fought; we injured the 2 female and killed the ones from 3 and 5. Unfortunately, they stole a few packs from us. A few important packs. We figured there were only six of us left, and there'd be a feast soon. And we were right. Oh, God, we were right.

The Feast came the next day, in the Corn. The boy from 5 was murdered by the D2s as he was running to the Cornucopia. Apolla and I left the 2s and the girl from 7 to fight it out. The girl from 7 killed the 2 guy with her ax, impaling him through the chest, and stabbing the 2 girl with an arrow off the ground through her neck. The 7 tribute took her ax out of the 2 male, and threw it at Apolla. I closed my eyes as her cannon sounded. "It's on, bitch," said under my breath. I took a spear off the rack next to me, and launched it towards the girl. It only landed in her leg, but it kept her distracted for long enough that I could take the ax she used to kill Apolla with and behead her. After I did so, I heard the cannon and the words I would never forget: "Congratulations! Paris Blaze, you are the Victor of the 22nd Hunger Games, representing District One!"
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Tony's Superman
Tony's Superman

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PostSubject: Re: Paris Blaze   Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:16 am


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Paris Blaze

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