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 Hunger Games Updates

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Tony's Superman
Tony's Superman

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PostSubject: Hunger Games Updates   Hunger Games Updates EmptySun Jun 22, 2014 12:33 pm



Hello! I know I've been a little bit MIA lately, but I'm back now! I and Drewsy have talked about a few things, and we've come to a conclusion about some things. However, these dates could change, if need be.

The first new thing is that we are allowing people to choose if they want their characters to go into the Reaping, by claiming Tesserae. However, you also will have to say which characters of yours are safe. Remember that after a character is above 18 years old, they aren't eligible for the Reaping, and will just have to live a normal life in Panem. If your character is 18, and we don't have enough for the Reaping, and you've been keeping your character safe, we may ask you to put them in. People who want to Volunteer their characters will be Volunteering at the real Reaping, and will have limited time to do so. However, reasons for Volunteering must be realistic. We can deny the Volunteer request. You may not purposely put your character as the definite Tribute, but claiming more Tesserae will make your chances higher, however it is a matter of randomness, and this is not the outcome in all cases.

Tesserae Claims will begin next week, June 29th, and end July 13th. I know that people are out of town, plus the 4th of July, so this time could be expanded if needed. The current date for the Reaping is on July 18th, with the Pre-Games lasting 2 weeks instead of one, July 20th through August Third. Then the First day of the Games will begin August 10th and end on August 17th. Remember that these dates could change if needed in the future. However, this is our current plan.

Remember that not everyone can win the Games, and only one can win! This Game will most likely consist of 2 NPCs, one for me, and the other for Drewsy. Our Tributes may not win, but can however make it to Day 2, in which after that they will die somehow either by the Arena, Natural, or Fighting.

From what we've discussed, only a few minor changes will be made to the Hunger Games System. We are however coming up with new rules, which are somewhat different, but explained in a more efficient way just for you. Anyone, including New Members, may put their Tributes in the Reaping, or keep them safe.

This Arena is very different, and will be something as said before, like the Arena in Catching Fire. This means that we will all need to be active, and such things, and keep the activity going! Remember that being in the Games is a honor, not a curse, and don't be afraid for your characters to at least try! Everyone will get something in the end, even the Dead Tributes!

If There is more, I'll add it. If you have questions, PM me. Very Happy

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Hunger Games Updates

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