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 distant memories;

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Aiden Finn
District Seven
District Seven

Alias : Matthew
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PostSubject: distant memories;   Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:53 pm

Cool air blew as the blue-eyed teenager sat under a tree, staring at something in the distance. He giggled a bit for no reason whatsoever. The boy knew he was supposed to be home at this time, if he was out for any longer, the Peacekeepers would find him. But fuck them, Aiden would say. Fuck them all. They were just puppets controlled by the Capitol. The Capitol used those Peacekeepers to spy on the Districts, to make sure they weren't doing anything "wrong." This was like a prison.

Aiden's life, in his words, was a fucking mess. His father had left him at a young age, his little sister was possibly going to be reaped for the games, his mother depressed, all the pretty girls going after him, and his grades had gone down because of his insanity. The District 7 resident had no time to do his homework, study, or any of that stuff. He couldn't focus for that long. In a few minutes, Aiden would be off looking at something else.

His mother and sister were asleep. He had ventured deep into the District 7 forest, and planned to stay there for the night. There was no reason why he should come out, anyway.


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credit to tonyyyyy
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Maple Halverez
District Seven
District Seven

Alias : Drewsy
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PostSubject: Re: distant memories;   Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:09 pm

The dark black haired amputee victor loved times like this sometimes. To be alone by herself in thought. Away from the pretty people and guys she thought didn't look at her. Why could Maple see that the games didn't change her other then a need for a prosthetic arm and leg. Maple was still pretty before... but all she saw was someone people didn't like. She had killed and been scarred in two big ways and that crippled her personality. A sigh escaped the women as she took a sip of her wine from the bottle. Drinking was her stress relief that made it so she could slip away. Slip away from the stress of being a mentor and the stress of being around people prettier then her. The walk seemed to be going longer then expected as she kept venturing deeper into the forest. Her brown eyes took notice of a boy as she sat on a stump. of a fallen tree." Shouldn't you be in bed? " Normally Maple would be all about worrying about the boy but she felt mello now that she started drinking. Soon she would be able fully let herself go to the alcohol and fall asleep at her home in the victors village. So yes she didn't care to much of why the boy was out here. However she wasn't wanting to seeing another whipping anytime soon.

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distant memories;

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