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 The Hunger Games Guide

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The Hunger Games

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PostSubject: The Hunger Games Guide   Sat May 17, 2014 4:57 pm

**Before you read, I want to clear up something first:

1. This first Hunger Games (25th), does not use Tesserae, or actual reapings.

Why is that?

 Because I didn't want to kill of any of your characters that you wanted to keep, because of a problem with my system I have developed, it hasn't been tested before so this is our test Games. However, the following Games after this one we will use Tesserae, etc.

2. The Tributes are all signups.

As mentioned before, I'm not going to kill off your precious characters yet. You do NOT need to create a regular character application. Please go to the Tribute Signups thread and do what it says, after that you will receive directions from myself on what to do next.

3. If you have any other questions, please ask.



Rag & Bone's Hunger Games system is inspired by Blood & Ashes and Sixth Station of Jcink. For the most part, our system is based on random chance. Just like the Reaping. There are sections of this post that you can read about. Here we will explain the Games from beginning to end. Please remember that if you are a Tribute, you have a 1 in 24 chance of dying. Everyone can't win. May the odds be ever in your favour.

+The Reaping
+The Pre-Games
---Tribute Parade
---Training Center
---Tribute Showcase // Ranks
+The Bloodbath
---Fighting , Fleeing (Running Away) , Ending Fights
+The Arena
+Food & Water


Some time, usually 7 days (one week), before the Reaping, members can claim Tesserae for their reapable characters. When you claim Tesserae, you exchange the amount of family members you have times however many years you've been Reapable, added to your mandatory count of your names in the Reaping into the Reaping, for food and supplies for your family.  Even if it isn't alot, but the minimum is however many family members you have. If you don't claim, Tesserae will automatically be added for you. Here's a breakdown of the Tesserae.

One of the most asked questions about the Hunger Games is why Does Gale have his name in so many times during the Reaping? Well, let's break it down.

Gale's age is 18.

Therfore, his mandatory amount of names in the Reaping is 7.

7 +

Then he claims Tesserae for his family, himself + 4 is 5. Which he's been doing since the age of 12, suggests the book.

7 + (5 x  )

Gale has been eligible for the Reaping for 7 years, and that's how long he's been claiming the Tesserae.

7 + (5 x 7)

7 + 35 = 42 names in the Reaping

We've also taken the time to make a little breakdown of Tesserae so you don't have to do math, but if you don't see your situation here, please PM a staff member. Below, a 'Family' includes the character eligible for the reaping. The first number in italics is age, the second is the mandatory amount of names in the reaping, the stuff parentheses is the tesserae math, and the stuff after is of course the result of total names in the Reaping.

Family of 3
12: 1 + (3 x 1) = 4
13: 2 + (3 x 2) = 8
14: 3 + (3 x 3) = 12
15: 4 + (3 x 4) = 16
16: 5 + (3 x 5) = 20
17: 6 + (3 x 6) = 24
18: 7 + (3 x 7) = 28

Family of 4
12: 1 + (4 x 1) = 5
13: 2 + (4 x 2) = 10
14: 3 + (4 x 3) = 15
15: 4 + (4 x 4) = 20
16: 5 + (4 x 5) = 25
17: 6 + (4 x 6) = 30
18: 7 + (4 x 7) = 35

Family of 5
12: 1 + (5 x 1) = 6
13: 2 + (5 x 2) = 12
14: 3 + (5 x 3) = 18
15: 4 + (5 x 4) = 24
16: 5 + (5 x 5) = 30
17: 6 + (5 x 6) = 36
18: 7 + (5 x 7) = 42

As you can see, it looks like the number of family members you have, the total amount of tesserae you get is usually the next number's multiplication tables. However, check your math, this is just an assumption. After Tesserae claims are up, the staff members will use a randomizer to choose Tributes, and the actual number of names from Tesserae and regular Reaping will go into it. If you need help with math, please ask a staff member to help!


After Tesserae claims are over, that's when the Reaping comes. As said before, your character's actual number will go into the Reaping (randomizer). A staff member will post an announcement in each District's Town Square, and have the escort (NPC) talk and such, and then announce the Tributes. The selected Tributes will receive their new membergroup of Tribute, as well as the rank of Tribute (forum, not Showcase). Then they will be able to roleplay their goodbyes in the Justice Building.
Then after that, your Tribute can meet their District partner and mentor on the Train, where you will discuss whatever you'd like. The District with the best Travel thread will receive a money prize at before the Games.


Before the actual pre-games begin, you will have to do some things:

+Complete All Threads done before the Reaping
+Give money to another account of yours.

Because your Tribute may die, their account's money can be sent to another one played by you. If you don't have one created, you may create one to be stored in. If your Tribute ends up winning, you may receive your money back, and create a new character with that account, or have the staff delete it. If your Tribute dies, then you can create a new character with that account.

The first event that happens during the Pre-Games is the Tribute Parade. During the Parade, you may create a costume graphic, or just describe what it looks like. The District with the best Outfits will receives a free item in the Arena at their designated time.
After the Tribute comes the Training Center. Tributes will be able to go to various stations stated below.

+[Monkey] Bars
+Intelligence Influencer: tells about the different animals that may (or may not) be in the Arena.
+Independent Fighting Training: uses holograms to simluate a fight between the Fighter and another Tribute.
+Camouflage: tells the basics of camouflage.

Interviews come at the end of the week, just before showcases. The MOC will ask Tributes questions which are given to them in a thread, and they must send answers to The Hunger Games account by the designated time.
Tribute Showcases come after the Interviews. They take place on a Saturday. Tributes will choose a skill to show, and then do so. The Tributes will then receive a score, also known as Ranks of their showed skill. The scores are 1-12, 12 being the best, 1 being the worst.


Once the Pre-Games are over, the Tributes will enter the Arena. An outfit will be announced as in the Bloodbath thread, and information about the Arena will be put in a separate thread.
Fights in the Bloodbath and in the Arena use code. So do Fleeing (Running Away), Ending A Fight, Eating, Drinking, and Item Claiming (Cornucopia). If you do not use the code, you will be asked to by a staff member. Be sure to be realistic when fighting and just in general. In your second post in the Bloodbath, you may arrive at the Cornucopia, not the first. When fighting you and the person fighting with you must have at least 2 posts before the fight can end. In other words, your third post within the fight, you may end it. Remember no godmodding! If you godmod, you will need to redo your post.
After a fight is over, PM a staff member with a link to the thread where the fight took place, and who you are fighting (because there could be more than one going on). Be sure to send this PM with the Tribute account that is involved in a fight. Even if no one died, a winner will be determined, and both Tributes will lose some amount of HP.
The codes for the explained are in the Bloodbath thread and should be used by the Tributes throughout their time in the Arena when needed.


Each day in the Arena lasts 7 days (one week) in real life. Any expansions or retractions of this number will be announced before the end of that day, and will not affect the other Arena days' amount of days in real life unless said so in that announcement. Each day you should post 4 times, messages not subjects, in the bare minimum. Tributes are encouraged to post more, because it could help you in the out later on. For the first day, The Bloodbath only counts for one post, meaning you'll have 3 more just for the first day to make. This number can change as well.
If you know that you aren't going to be able to post for a certain amount of time, please let a current Gamemaker (staffer on duty for the Games) know before the next Game Day comes. You can have One Days Grace, meaning that you can not post for a day, but you must give a valid reason, not just because you want. This is in General as well, if you don't post for one day, then you must post up to the minimum for the remaining days, or your Tribute will face consequences.
When each new day begins in the Arena (a Sunday usually OOC), an announcement will be made including # things:

+Anthem-- listing the tributes that died.
+Special Gift-- for the tributes that had the best travel thread & the best Tribute Parade costume, as well as best Showcase. NOTE: this only happens once.
+Death Quota-- the amount of tributes that must die in this day.
+Tribute Trials-- a random test of a select 3 random tributes

A death quota is the amount of Tributes that must die in that day. One is announced on the first day as well. However, this number is OOC, and the Tributes do not know. However, you do, so get to fighting! If by the end of the Game Day the quota is not met, the next day there will be Arena Deaths, meaning that all of the Tributes names will be randomly entered into a drawing however many times based upon their Arena Deathlist range.

RED - 4

The amount of Tributes chosen to die is based upon how many Tributes didn't die the day before. Let's say for day two the death quota was 4. However, only 2 died. Then on Day Three there will be 2 Arena deaths, because 2 of the 4 Tributes did not die on Day Two.

The Tribute Trials only effect 3 Tributes, and do not harm them physically unless the odds are not in their favour. It could be a mutt attack, arena attack, or you them finding a food and choosing whether or not to eat it. Depends.
Sponsors and donations are explained here.


A Tribute must drink a certain and eat a certain amount each day. However, we're not getting into the technical stuff about how much exactly. But Tributes will be able to use The Hunger Games account to help them. The account will guide them to food, etc. However, whether it is safe to drink is up to random chance. Tributes that do not eat or drink for a certain amount of time (3 for water, 5 for food), will die of dehydration or starvation. Also, there is water in things like fruit, vegetables, etc. Keep this in mind. Tributes can also receive water from Sponsors.
The codes for the explained above are in the Bloodbath Thread.

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Tony's Superman

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PostSubject: Re: The Hunger Games Guide   Tue May 20, 2014 8:42 pm

As you know, each day there is a Death Quota of the number of Tributes that must die in that day. If the quota is not met, then there will be Arena Deaths the next day. These deaths are decided at random from a list. However many times your name goes in is based upon your current Arena Deathlist color, which is your likeliness to be killed by the Arena itself, such as mutts, events, etc. Even if a Tribute isn't close to 0 HP, they will die. So meet the death quotas and we won't have this problem!

GREEN-- 2 Names
YELLOW-- 3 Names
ORANGE-- 4 Names
RED-- 5 Names

Just in case you want to see my results, I will show you the first list and the results like so. Let's say that on Day 3, there were 15 Tributes left. 5 were supposed to die, and only 3 did. Therefore the 2 Tributes at the top of the list after it is randomized will die that day. The deaths will be revealed as they happen, but the Tributes dying will be notified at the beginning of that Game Day that the odds are not in their favour. Also, they don't have to tell anyone that they're dying, it should be a surprise.

So there are 12 Tributes. Lets say that 6 of them are GREEN, 3 are YELLOW, and 3 are ORANGE. We are not doing Districts, we're just numbering the Tributes.

These are the results:

If you still have questions about this system, PM me.


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The Hunger Games

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PostSubject: Re: The Hunger Games Guide   Sun Jun 08, 2014 4:34 pm


So when you drink water, you roll the dice of "WATER -- COLOR". You base it upon the color of your Natural Deathlist, which determines how likely you are to die of dehydration, etc. You will get one of two results: Successful which means the water was clean. And Unsuccessful which means the water was not. Always let us know when you drink so we know what to add or subtract from your HP. Not drinking at all will result in Dehydration which leads to death.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hunger Games Guide   

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The Hunger Games Guide

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